Porch Panels For Porch & Deck Railings

Now available in black!!

Our Porch Panels for decks and porches are one or our most unique and functional innovations. Because the panels are cut from 1” thick sheets of white PVC material, we can create designs that would be incredibly difficult to execute in wood, yet they can be cut, nailed and painted just like wood!  But, unlike wood, they will not rot, warp or twist over time.

The sections can be spaced or butted tight together, or different panel designs can be connected to give a variety of design. Get creative! The rails must be installed between a structural cap and bottom rail which is not included, but can be purchased separately on The Porch Store or provided by your contractor. Because these are panels rather than individual balusters, the installation is easier and quicker! 

Prices are quoted per panel. Tax (if applicable) and shipping will be determined for each order.

Please contact your local codes department for codes in your area. In our area of Nashville, TN, railings for residences must follow the following rule: If the floor is more than 30” above grade, the railing must be 36” tall and a 4” sphere cannot pass through. 

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